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 Garena Hack – Cracked x2 EXP v.23b

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PostSubject: Garena Hack – Cracked x2 EXP v.23b   Wed Mar 10, 2010 4:00 am

Garena Hack Cracked
Released 10/March/2010
It’s WORKING 100%
Working With Garena 2010 New Version
# Removes MH/CK detection
# EXP Hack
# Leave room while playing
# Remove 5 second wait
# Remove room full message
# Removes Warcraft protection, so your MH/CK will work properly
# Super Admin Hack – You will SEE yourself as a Super-Admin and SEE you own chat messages as purple
# Admin Menu Hack
# Name Spoofer (Name Change Hack) – It’s turned off by default. To turn it on, edit “nick.dat” file replacing its contents by your desired nickname. It will change you Warcraft nick. Other people will still see your original nick inside Garena.
# Ladder Show – Shows ladder details of everyone in-game even without gold member (when you are not the host)
# Auto Joiner
# [NEW!] Super-Nudge hack
# [NEW!] Drop Hack (Just send PM to player with this message: !die)
# GarenaM4ST3R-23b -
-- Fixed bug on updater.exe with W3XFeatures.dat
(if you have not yet downloaded 23 version, you need download the full version)
-- Added cooldown hack by Stroh's (run this with WC3 Openned and read structions)

.v.16 – Reworked AUTOJOINER. It should join a room quicker and with less bugs. This is the same version as GarenaM4ST3R15e.
v.18 – Namespoffer code included on features.dat.
v.19b – Add auto update and some fixes on Namespoofer.
v.20 – Re added old CLI version (I will make a new one as soon as I can). Changed EXP hack offset. Super-Nudge Changed update server.
v.21c – Added Drop Hack by alextrusk, and used Inject
v.22 – New design, Fixed some bugs
v.22b – Fixed bug on Drop Hack (Injector)
v.23 -- Suport War3 Hacks, that include: [NEW!]
v.23b --Fixed bug on updater.exe with W3XFeatures.dat [NEW!]

DOwnload link


RUN GarenaM4ST3R.exe BEFORE login into Garena!!!!!
= pale
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Garena Hack – Cracked x2 EXP v.23b
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